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Our Deep Value Strategies

All leverage classic value strategies proven in both academic research and successful application by legendary investors over the last 100 years. These are the highest performing deep value strategies available today.

  • Pay Daddy

    Collect fat dividend yields while protecting your principle investment by buying stocks below net current asset value. Buy net nets the way Ben Graham used to.

  • Acquirer's Multiple

    Taking both Market Cap and Total Debt into account, this strategy identifies great activist investor targets, providing a large kick to the returns of plain vanilla low PE stocks.

  • Negative Enterprise Value

    Get paid to own a stock. These have cash in excess of their market cap and total debt. A rocky strategy with huge performance.

  • Ultra

    Walter Schloss said the lowest Price to Book value stocks produce the highest returns. We agree, but look for ultra cheap prices relative to net tangible assets.

  • Simple Way 2.0

    A natural evolution of Graham's 1976 Simple Way strategy. Our Simple Way 2.0 strategy adds dividend and Price to Book value components, reducing risk and dramatically increasing returns.

What We Do and Why You Should Care

We're 100% focused on helping small investors take advantage of the most profitable deep value strategies available.

Why These Strategies? Why Small Investors?

When asked how small investors should manage their money, Buffett had some very straightforward advice: "... if I were working with small sums, I certainly would be much more inclined to look among Classic Graham stocks, very low PEs and below working capital and all that. I would do far better percentage wise if I were working with small sums ... you have thousands and thousands of potential opportunities and ... we have relatively few possibilities in the investment world ... So you have a huge advantage over me if you are working with very little money."

Ironically, most small investors forego this major advantage in order to compete against the pros by buying large cap stocks or trying to predict either market prices or future earnings. In reality, small investors who invest their money using high performance deep value strategies focusing on smaller firms can definitely beat the market, not to mention most professional investors. But, not everybody knows how to pick their own stocks and many investors don't have the time to do so even if they have the knowledge. We help these small investors take advantage of select high performance deep value strategies so they can earn exceptional returns over their lifetime.

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