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By Evan Bleker
Founder and Passionate Deep Value Investor

How to create a high performance value portfolio to earn outstanding returns and retire early

Are you willing to do the minimum necessary to earn life-changing investment returns?

Two extremely busy people start investing at the exact same time.

One frees up just one hour a week to get the basics on a single deep value strategy, makes the occasional stock trade, but mostly ignores his portfolio.

The other neglects his commitments to spend hours each night poring over business books, reading financials, listening to expert interviews, conducting deep-dives into industry reports, and shuffling the stocks around in his portfolio based on thorough qualitative research.

Both start with the same amount of money and add nothing to their portfolios... Yet, the first (lazy) investor saves far more money and retires early.

How did he do it?

Simple. He picked a great high performance deep value strategy and then implemented it well.

Sound too simple to work? I agree, it does.

The secret is not great market prediction or insight into select companies, it’s simply selecting one of the very few high performance deep value strategies available and then knowing how to implement it.

Everybody has a choice to make: you can either prepare for the future or suffer the consequences.

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